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Catalyst's GIS Core platform is a one-click solution providing you with all the tools required to store, manage, publish and archive all your organisation’s spatial data. Developed in partnership with some of New Zealand’s most innovative district councils, our platform is built around openness, reliability and scalability.

Managed Spatial Data Infrastructure

Catalyst GIS Core is a managed spatial data infrastructure built for the cloud and on open source technology to suit your organisation’s requirements. By skipping ongoing licensing cost, Catalyst GIS Core frees up money to spend where it matters most –  your organisation’s goals and developing new, innovative spatial data solutions.

Out of the box, GIS Core comes with:



Data storage

Your data is safe with GIS Core, providing a fault-tolerant, highly available data store designed to take advantage of cutting edge cloud technology, featuring:

  • Continuous replication to multiple database servers as required,
  • full database scalability depending on your requirements,
  • daily database backups and custom retention to suit your data policies, and
  • storage cost is dependant on the amount of data stored.

Spatial data services

Spatial data services provided by GIS Core are based on open standards for easy integration with other systems, as well as:

  •  A CSW-compliant cataloguing service for discovery, browsing and querying your organisation’s data,
  • a fully scalable WMS and WFS server to deliver map and feature layers to web, mobile and desktop clients,
  • support for a wide range of output formats including text, XML, JSON, PDFs, image format, as well as image and vector tiles,
  • data transformations through built-in WFS-T support, and WPS extensions, and
  • easy integration with a wide variety of upstream data services and databases to seamlessly work with your existing systems and data-stores.

Hosting and Security

Catalyst GIS Core is a cloud-native solution hosted entirely within New Zealand for reliability and data sovereignty. Our cloud provider of choice is the Catalyst Cloud, a wholly New Zealand based public cloud provider, and CNCF Certified Kubernetes provider.

Catalyst Cloud provides high service levels and excellent technical support at competitive prices, allowing us to offer GIS at a reduced price, reduced latency and increased data security.

As a fully managed solution, GIS Core receives minor and security updates released automatically, and we will work with you for significant upgrade work.


Open Source

Catalyst GIS Core is entirely built on mature, enterprise-grade open source software. For you, this means that you benefit from software which has been developed, tested and used by GIS professionals, governments agencies and enterprises around the globe.

You are free to modify and customise your application, develop additional workflows and processing services or add further applications using our software and GIS experts, or your preferred GIS vendor or in-house capability.

Our GIS platform scales with your requirements, from stand-alone projects for individual teams and small organisations, to powering an organisation’s entire spatial data infrastructure. Let's talk about what GIS Core can do for you.

Note: Image (not modified) sourced from the LINZ Data Service and licensed by Land Information New Zealand for re-use under license CC BY 4.0.


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