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Almost any data set can be spatial data: if it includes addresses or places it's spatial data.

If you're serious about:

  • mapping your spatial data
  • exploring your spatial data
  • combining your spatial data with other data sources
  • sharing your spatial data with others

then you need a spatial data platform. Catalyst GIS Core gives you a spatial data platform including a spatial database, metadata catalogue, map server, map viewer, and more, fully platform-as-a-service.


GIS Core has no license fees - just pay for the services and resources you use

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The benefits

Catalyst GIS Core is a spatial data platform you can use to:

  • build new, innovative services with spatial data
  • support your organisation's decision-making
  • improve your operation with data insights
  • share insights with your users, colleagues, customers, and stakeholders
  • integrate the data source you hold with third-party sources
  • manage and safeguard your data

The service

Catalyst GIS Core is:

  • cloud-native and as-a-service, with updates, monitoring, backups, and disaster recovery included
  • built on open standards for interoperability with other software
  • fast, stable, reliable, cost-effective
  • priced by data volume, not users
  • secured with fine-grained access control


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The components

Catalyst GIS Core is built on open source technologies from the ground up. GIS Core is based around the PostGIS spatially aware database, using PostgreSQL replication.

GIS Core provides map and tile servers, catalogue and web viewer using GeoServer, GeoNode, GeoWebCache, and MapStore2.

We offer a fully hosted solution in the New Zealand based Catalyst Cloud, but can run in any cloud that supports Kubernetes.

We use the cloud's replication features and object storage to support full Disaster Recovery and keep our prices low.

Start making the most of your data with Catalyst GIS Core

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