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Catalyst GIS Core

Your Spatial Data Infrastructure

The strong and cost-effective foundation for your GIS, Catalyst GIS Core frees up money and time to spend where it matters most – empowering you to develop new, innovative spatial data solutions for all your customers.

Catalyst GIS Core utilises cloud native computing to increase stability and drastically reduce the amount and size of servers required to power your GIS back-end.

With hosting options ranging from shared deployments for small organisations to dedicated environments inside public and private cloud environments, we have made sure that GIS Core is the most cost-effective way to power your organisation's GIS back-end without compromising on speed, stability and security.

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The foundation for your GIS

Hosted entirely in New Zealand, our managed GIS platform provides you with secure and backed-up database & file system storage, standards-compliant GIS servers as well as access to a number of front-end applications. GIS Core seamlessly consumes and serves data from a wide range of existing data stores, and can provide a standardised compatibility layer between your various existing data stores.

Fully managed GIS foundation

We make sure your GIS is online at all times so you can focus on creating value for your customers.

Your new GIS platform is a fully managed service, including software updates, performance monitoring, backups, and automated disaster recovery processes. We regularly update all our clusters to run the newest stable software releases and to provide you with security updates and the latest features.

Redundant spatial databases

Each GIS Core instance comes with a managed, redundant and secure spatial database to safely store your data. Our always highly available replica servers ensure consistent database access for all users even under high load.

All our database servers are powered by fast cloud-based SSD storage in one of our three New Zealand data centres, and can optionally be upgraded to store data through NVMe where high-throughput read/write access is required.

Database back-ups are taken at least once a day and can be stored in accordance with your data retention and access policies.

Seamless integration

As the central hub for exploring your spatial data, GIS Core makes integrating with your existing software solutions easy.

Our focus on compatibility and openness turns migration of your existing spatial data back-end to Catalyst GIS Core into an easy, iterative process that can as much or as little time as your business reality requires. GIS Core can serve data from many existing data stores, and securely connects to existing backend services on premise or in the cloud through encrypted VPN connections.

Scalable and Reliable

Catalyst GIS Core is built entirely on mature, enterprise-grade open source software, giving you access to decades of R&D by international experts and researchers at a fraction of the price of comparable solutions.

Build for cloud native environments, each part of your new GIS platform scales independently in response to application demand. A fully managed and redundant spatial database ensures your data is always available, and all data is regularly backed-up Catalyst Cloud's object storage – designed for over 99.9999% durability.

Powerful data services

GIS Core serves data & metadata using a wide range of open standards, including WMS, WMTS, WFS, WCS and CSW, which can easily be integrated in your preferred desktop GIS or any web or mobile application.

Our redundant map servers rapidly scale to meet user demand, and feature powerful and easy-to-use access control mechanisms to keep your data secure. Additionally our cloud map cache ensures that your data can be delivered quickly and efficiently.

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Note: Image (not modified) sourced from the LINZ Data Service and licensed by Land Information New Zealand for re-use under license CC BY 4.0.