Islandora is an open source digital asset management platform.

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Used in libraries, archives, universities and research institutions worldwide, Islandora is smart at storing and showcasing your digital assets.



For information professionals

Islandora supports a large and growing list of asset types and metadata standards, making life easier for researchers, archivists and librarians.


Future proof

Islandora is a mature product used by a broad range of institutions. It is under active and continuous development. This ensures it supports new formats, standards and global initiatives.


No licensing, no lock-in

Because Islandora is open source, you won't pay any licensing fees, and your data is always under your control.


For your users

Powerful search, linked data and faceting capabilities uncover collections. Social media and content contribution features, and APIs, allow you to share collections with audiences.


Ongoing support

We will maintain your Islandora in the Catalyst Cloud, or on your own infrastructure. We can provide all the support you need to ensure Islandora is a long-term solution that your users enjoy interacting with.


Working with Catalyst

We are available to help you set up and configure Islandora to suit your requirements. Templates for workflows, content contribution and display are all configurable.


  • Fully translatable
  • Standards compliant
  • Flexible permissions management
  • API support for open data initiatives
  • Multiple front ends can be managed from one repository for different entities and digital exhibitions.


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