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An open source Library Management System used worldwide.

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Koha Library Management Software is a flexible, scalable long-term open source solution for libraries of all types and sizes.

Catalyst's specialist Koha team work with libraries to deliver the best possible services to their users and meet their needs long into the future.

About Koha

Koha, the world’s first open source integrated library system, is a modern, adaptable, future-proof system. Being open source in nature ensures that Koha is easy to use, customisable according to library guidelines, interoperable with third party content providers, responsive to mobile screen sizes, and committed to ongoing improvement.

The continuous advancement and innovation within Koha is thanks to the collective efforts and support of over 15,000 libraries, 400 developers, as well as being available in over 40 languages. Koha is the world’s most installed library management system, with no licensing fees, which means that you can use your budget for developing future services and software.

Catalyst are proud to host Kohacon2020; an annual conference attended by Librarians, Software Developers and other contributors to the project from all over the world. All are welcome and we can’t wait to see you.



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Catalyst services

Catalyst provide end-to-end services and support including:


  • Infrastructure server set-up (if needed)

  • Data migration

  • On-site training

  • Integration with third party providers of content, authentication, security, and self-service equipment

  • Training and support

  • Creative assistance with visual designs, and themes

  • Go-live with Koha

  • Post go-live refinements

  • Ongoing hosting and support. You also have the option to keep your Koha on-shore with Catalyst Cloud.


Catalyst's commitment to Koha

Our team are active participants, developers, and influencers in the Koha project, and are present in the community in a variety of ways.

Our commitment to Koha includes submitting developments on behalf of the libraries we support, taking on release management roles, setting up Debian packaging to make upgrading safe and easy, being on the security release team, and overseeing a yearly intake of Catalyst Academy High school students and university summer interns.