Meet the team:

Andrew Bartlett leads the Catalyst Samba Team. He’s worked on Samba since 2001 and is an expert in Samba's authentication and authorisation protocols. Andrew has built and maintained Samba’s authentication code and is a lead developer on the Samba Active Directory Domain Controller effort. In 2021 Andrew discovered a critical Kerberos vulnerability in Active Directory (which impacted both Microsoft Windows and Samba) and led the Samba Team's response:

Douglas Bagnall has been a Samba developer since 2015 and is also a member of the upstream Samba Team. Douglas is the author of a number of Samba's administrative visualisation tools and is an expert in making systems software understandable by people.

Jo Sutton joined the Samba project in 2021 and quickly became an expert in Kerberos, the core authentication protocol used in Active Directory. Jo has, in the course of her testing work, discovered a number of Denial Of Service vulnerabilities in Kerberos implementations, including Microsoft Windows, MIT and Heimdal Kerberos.