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Why choose us?

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Thinking about partnering with us?

Catalyst started in 1997 when five technologists realised many New Zealand businesses were being locked-in with vendors, paying costly licensing fees and being delivered a rigid software solution.

The team believed a businesses' choice of software systems should not define how they work, where their data is stored, or hinder business goals.

So, they decided change was needed and used their expertise in open source to make it happen. That's how Catalyst was born.

Since 1997, Catalyst has partnered with:

  1. Some of the largest government agencies.
  2. Leading-edge scientific organisations.
  3. Most prestigious tertiary education facilities.
  4. Large professional development organisations.
  5. Small-medium private organisations.
  6. Not-for-profits.
  7. Māōri organisations.
  8. And everything in between.

In fact, we've worked across most industries and built some of the most important systems in New Zealand.

Whilst we have grown to hold offices in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the UK and the European Union, we remain a local technology partner you can trust.

Open source is more than just software - it's a mindset.

We're here to learn what's important in your businesss and collaborate with you to enable your strategy with the right IT solutions.

If you're looking for the freedom to innovate with your IT systems, we can help.

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Some of our service offerings:

  • Consulting – planning and strategy, business analysis, process modelling, project management, technical strategies, RFI/RFP management.
  • Design and software development – we provide a range of expertise and technologies to meet organisations’ business requirements.
  • Web CMS using Drupal, Silverstripe or headless setups.
  • Full design services, both print and interactive. We also offer animation and video creation.
  • BA, UX and strategic service offerings.
  • Accessibility auditing.
  • eLearning – we provide expertise in eLearning platforms such as Mahara, Moodle and TōtaraLMS.
  • Hosting – cloud-based business applications.
  • Ongoing maintenance - ongoing managed services to ensure systems are operating with maximum effectiveness
  • Technical consulting – solution architecture design, implementing and supporting secure systems.
  • Outsourced support – Catalyst-hosted and remote servers and desktops.

Partner with us and get the freedom to innovate in your IT systems

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