Briefing for the Incoming Minister for the Digital Economy and Communications

Catalyst has prepared a briefing for the incoming Minister, providing information about the opportunities for New Zealand’s digital sector and how your government can support the sector’s contribution to the sustainability and development of the New Zealand economy and society, as well as adapt to the challenges presented by Covid-19, Climate Change, and ongoing volatility in the global environment.

This brief is based on five actions:

1. Establish a working group of ISPs, local cloud providers, NCSC, InternetNZ and officials to
complete a feasibility study for a New Zealand “cyber border”.

2. Commission a review of the IT all-of-government panels to assess their actual benefits, and the
opportunities for local firms to participate.

3. Terminate the Infrastructure as a Service panel and open the government market up to all New
Zealand cloud providers.

4. Work with the Minister of Economic and Regional Development to amend the government’s
Procurement Rules to include evaluation of the benefit of responses to the New Zealand

5. Work with the Minister of Internal Affairs to adopt the principles of digital development around
open source and open standards that New Zealand committed to as part of the D7 Charter.

The positioning of New Zealand’s IT sector is a critical plank in the rebuild strategy. The sector contributes more than NZD 15 billion per annum to our GDP, and more than a third of that in export revenues. You can learn more by reading the full brief.


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