Catalyst developer releases a valuable Moodle plugin

Used by 68 million people worldwide, Catalyst are thrilled to be the biggest contributor to Moodle in Australasia and the 4th biggest contributor in the world.

Recently, one of our e-Learning developers, Peter Bulmer wrote a valuable plugin for Moodle and we publicly released it.

Moodle is primarily focused on academic environments where a cohort of students start together, and work through the course at a set pace. There are a number of options for highlighting content relevant to the current week, and limiting availability of activities to set windows.

Some of our corporate customers have found there to be a feature gap where learners start a course in their own time - eg on the day they are hired by the organisation. The learner starts the course as expected, but frequently, life, or work get in the way, and they don't finish it as soon as they intended. The re-engagement customisation we have developed and released for Moodle and Tōtara helps in this area.

Using Re-engagement, a course creator in Moodle or Tōtara defines how long they expect a learner to take take to complete an activity, and after that time, the LMS emails the user if they haven't completed the target activity, hopefully bringing the learner's attention back to the course.

Course Creators are also able to use Re-engagement to provide notifications around time-released activities. For example if you want to release a quiz within your course 1 week after an assignment was completed, the Re-engagement can email the learner and release the next stage of your course.

Our customers have reported great improvements in course flow, and completion rates from implementing this activity. One client has seen completion in compliance course rise from 66% to 90%.

Access/download the plugin