Release of Koha 16.05

Catalyst are thrilled to share news that Koha 16.05 was released on Friday 27 May. There are a few reasons which make this release particularly notable for Catalyst and particularly exciting.

Firstly, we congratulate our Junior Koha developer Aleisha Amohia on her contributions. Aleisha may be a “junior” developer, however she’s the third most prolific developer for this release of Koha. She wrote 113 patches (code changes), and tested another 33 patches written by other developers around the world. Aleisha works for Catalyst part time alongside her Computer Studies degree at Victoria University.

Catalyst are also proud to announce that Elastic Search is released as an experimental feature for Koha. Catalyst completed the bulk of this development which received a major sponsorship from EBSCO Information Services, as well as the Koha Gruppo Italiano, Bywater Solutions and others. For most libraries search is the central feature for customer access. We are looking forward to building on this work to bring world-class web search and analytical functionality to libraries.

For some time it has been true that Koha has all the features you’d expect of a modern Library Management System. This release the new major feature list is testament to that: login via Google OAUTH, increased integration with EDIFACT, and PayPal on the OPAC – it’s about flexibility to work with other systems, not building the basics. Having said that, there are another 340-odd enhancements if you’d like to read on the Koha Community website about all the other refinements that have been pushed through.

Lastly, those familiar with Koha will notice a change to the release numbering. The Koha Community decided to start using the yy/mm version numbering convention. This is a common convention used for software projects, making it easy for users to know when the release of Koha they are running was released.

For more on Koha, please contact Kathryn Tyree - Project and Account Manager at [email protected]