Mahara is your all-in-one online portfolio solution, enabling organisations to support students showcasing their learning journeys and professionals documenting their career achievements. From curating educational evidence to competency tracking, Mahara offers a rich feature set to create successful portfolios.

As the project lead and the primary developers of Mahara, Catalyst offers subscriptions, support, development, and hosting services to ensure your organisation’s success.

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Mahara portfolio use cases

With Mahara, you can connect with peers, mentors, and employers in a meaningful way to showcase and advance your career and personal development.

  1. Reflect on your learning, upload files, and add content from social media sites.
  2. Align your portfolio to a competency framework and visualise your achievements.
  3. Create different portfolios for learning, presentation, assessment, and group projects.
  4. Decide which individuals or groups can see your portfolios and provide feedback.

Check out this video(external link) to learn how Mahara could help your learning journey.

Benefit from the ease of use and customisation options in Mahara, aligning portfolios with learning outcomes and integrating them seamlessly with existing learning management systems.

  1. Provide a mobile-friendly, easy-to-use platform to support and showcase learning.
  2. Create Mahara portfolio templates for learners and staff to create portfolios that support business outcomes.
  3. Integrate with your learning management system and other platforms.
  4. Customise it to suit your learning needs and brand.

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Impress educators, employers, and accrediting bodies with a visually appealing and comprehensive portfolio demonstrating your growth, progress, reflection, and practice.

Mahara can be used as a portfolio solution for:

  • study and learning
  • assessment
  • professional development and certification
  • work-integrated learning
  • showcase and presentation
  • employability.

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Scattered assessments and fragmented learning journeys?

Integrate Mahara with Moodle

Mahara is founded on proven pedagogy and supports deeper learning through reflection. The Mahara plugin for Moodle bridges the gap between courses and portfolios. It enables learners to effortlessly transition from coursework to creating impressive portfolios for assessment and accreditation purposes.

Integrating Mahara with Moodle facilitates comprehensive assessments using existing Moodle grading tools.

The Mahara assignment submission plugin for Moodle can also be used in Tōtara. Other LMS can use LTI to connect to Mahara.

A Mahara subscription gives you the flexibility of open source and assurance of long-term support


By investing in a Mahara subscription, you're contributing to the sustainability and growth of Mahara so it meets current and future portfolio needs.

Purchasing a Mahara subscription means you’ll enjoy the freedom to customise your own Mahara site under the GPLv3 license and get access to the latest updates, including security fixes and new feature releases.

You’ll also be able to easily collaborate with other active community members and influence the software’s future feature set.

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Catalyst has been the driving force behind the evolution of Mahara since its inception in 2006. As the core maintainer, we ensure that your portfolio needs are exceeded. We provide reliable and responsive support.

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Our tailored services are designed to cater to diverse local needs, including tertiary and higher education and professional organisations.

  • Thorough requirements analysis, Mahara development and integration with other systems.
  • Development of new Mahara features that are user-friendly and accessible.
  • Issue diagnosis and resolution.
  • Customisation of the look and feel of your Mahara site maintaining your brand identity.
  • Secure and scalable enterprise-level hosting environment in Aotearoa New Zealand, supported by 24/7 monitoring and robust security protocols. Check out our privacy policy for Catalyst hosted Mahara sites.
  • Technical support if you have your own hosting infrastructure.
  • Support for configuring Mahara as an administrator.
  • Tailored Mahara training and support to implement a successful portfolio strategy.