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For many of our Tōtara clients, 2023 is the year of the upgrade

Tōtara Learn v12 is going out of assured support in October and many of our clients are currently in an upgrade cycle or will be soon. They’ll be upgrading to Tōtara Talent Experience Platform, version 17 (TXP17).

The cumulative change between TL12 and TXP17 is significant, yet remains immediately familiar. Learners will notice a cleaner and more modern interface and administrators more options and an increase in functionality. Check out the information on this link for the definitive list of changes. (external link)(external link)

New feature highlights

One area of change is how Tōtara Engage works with MS Teams – enabling Teams to be both a dedicated training room and also to show your full learning catalogue. Tōtara Engage enables your learners to easily create and share resources and these can be included in your site’s Catalogue. Engage also has machine learning; it powers a recommendation engine for your learners.

Another area of change is the free Totara App, available in both the Google and Apple App stores. Via the App, learners can browse the Catalogue, enrol in courses, and can download SCORM modules to access & complete when not connected to the internet. They can also receive alerts and reminders on their mobile through the app.

TXP17 also completes the move to centralised notifications. An administrator can set templates and defaults, control how messages are sent (on-screen, email, alerts on-site, on the Tōtara App, and/or via MS Teams), and report on what was sent and if the send was successful. The notifications functionality also lists the system triggers that can initiate a notification, so it’s now possible to create new types (or new versions of existing) notifications to support your learners.

We’re looking forward to seeing how our clients implement these new features.

Maximise your Tōŧara

Now as part of a platform, you can also add Totara Engage a social learning (LXP) platform to enable your learners to create and share learning resources alongside the main catalogue of your formal learning. You can also add Totara Perform for talent management, with appraisals, 360 feedback, check-ins, goals, and competencies. Enquire now to find out how our eLearning experts can help your organisation with these features.