As New Zealand’s largest Tōtara Partner with over 500k users on our hosted sites, we provide rock-solid stability, top-tier security, and limitless scalability, enabling you to focus on developing your talent.

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Why you'll love partnering with us

By purchasing Tōtara through Catalyst, you are working with the best. From hosting to dedicated support, training and content creation, we've got you covered at every step.

Transform the way your team learns, engages, and complies

The Tōtara suite of tools is the flexible talent development software focused on delivering personalised learning experiences.

Which Tōtara solution do you need?

Choose Tōtara Experience Platform if you need a comprehensive LMS solution to support how your team learns, engages, and complies.

TXP is a proven tool for:

  • enterprise learning management and corporate learning

  • LMS for government agencies

  • employee training tracking software

  • LMS for healthcare, construction, financial services and every other industry

  • LMS for customer training

  • non-profit learning management systems.

Download the TXP v18 PDF for more information. [PDF, 181 KB]

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Improve compliance and retention levels while providing engaging learning experiences that drive results.

  • Customisable learning paths: Tailor courses and certifications to your organisation's needs, ensuring targeted skill development.

  • Structured learning: Programs, certifications, and learning plans guide learners along a pathway of related materials, optimising learning outcomes.

  • Content marketplace: Expand your learning resources with our content development services to enhance the richness of your learning environment.

Download the Tōtara Learn v18 overview. [PDF, 224 KB]

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With real-time data capture, skill-gap tracking, versatile goal setting, peer-to-peer feedback, and intuitive performance monitoring, you can maximise growth and development.

  • Flexible performance management: Modern and traditional performance management processes are seamlessly integrated to drive workplace productivity.

  • Enhanced competency tracking: Map skills to individuals and achievements, ensuring alignment with organisational goals.

  • Performance activities: Conduct appraisals, check-ins, and feedback sessions, fostering continuous improvement and development.

Download the Tōŧara Perform v18 functionality sheet. [PDF, 160 KB]

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Tōtara Engage is the best LMS product for your teams to collaborate, share knowledge, and grow together.

  • Collaborative learning spaces: Embrace knowledge sharing through curated learning environments where your learners can work together.

  • Personalised learning: AI-driven recommendations, gamification, and detailed analytics empower learners to engage with relevant content.

Download the Tōŧara Engage v18 functionality overview. [PDF, 201 KB]

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A green award certification for Tōŧara Global Partner of the Year 2020



Your trusted Tōtara partner

Our team has been involved with and helped develop Tōtara since its inception in 2010 – you can trust we know the platform inside and out. With our Platinum Partner support, you’ll see your talent development plans skyrocket effortlessly. We’re already a trusted provider of Tōtara to government agencies, corporate and charities worldwide, and our experts are ready to tackle your LMS project.

As open source LMS experts, we help you design your Tōtara solution exactly how you want it

  • Implementation, Installation, and Integration: We help you get set up and connected for a seamless experience.
  • Custom Development: Our deep Tōtara expertise makes it easy for you to tailor your LMS. Whether it's custom code, new features, or plugins for Tōtara, we've got you covered.
  • Brand and theming: Catalyst’s expert designers help you to take charge of your LMS look and feel. We can provide a full re-brand and personalised theming across all devices.
  • LMS content development: Our eLearning experts can jump in to help you with creating LMS quickly when you are facing in-house expertise challenges.

Secure, scalable, sustainable and sovereign hosting solutions

Our hosting solutions are meticulously tested with the highest quality of security, scalability, and stability in mind. Regular audits ensure we meet the highest standards to support some of New Zealand's most critical agencies and we're compliant with NZISM requirements. We ensure you maintain high availability and security at all times, regardless of your business size. 

If your organisation has data sovereignty penned into your strategy, we’re primed to support you. Catalyst Cloud offers secure, stable scalable and net carbon zero hosting solutions tailored for organisations prioritising data and NZ hosting sovereignty.

Alternatively, we can help you self-host with thorough implementation services.

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Tōtara Talent Experience Platform: Product License and subscription fees

Applicable from 1 November 2023:

Product License Users One Product, NZD Two Products, NZD Three Products, NZD
P500 500 $7,450 $9,375 $10,938
T3K 3,000 $12,100 $15,000 $17,500
T5K 5,000 $18,700 $23,250 $27,125
T10K 10,000 $26,150 $32,250 $37,625
T20K 20,000 $43,750 $50,250 $58,625
T30K 30,000 $49,500 $66,750 $77,875
T50K 50,000 $61,350 $66,750 $77,875
T100K 100,000 $82,500 $103,125 $120,313
T250K 250,000 $101,500 $113,465 $120,313


Your Tōtara subscription level is based on active users in the last 12 months, ensuring you pay only for what you need. Plus, you can enjoy the added convenience of the Tōtara Mobile app included with every subscription, giving your users access on the go.

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