Totara Learn

Totara Learn is a custom distribution of Moodle, the world's most popular learning management platform,
for the corporate sector. 



Totara Learn differs from Moodle in that it provides an extended range of core functionality that we have found is typically required for the corporate learning environment including:

  • competency management
  • performance reviews and individual development plans
  • classroom management and online learning
  • team management and custom reporting

Enterprise Totara Learn services

Catalyst offers a range of Totara Learn services to meet your enterprise business needs:

  • Consultancy, including requirements analysis and solution design
  • Development and integration, including theming and design
  • Managed hosting, providing you with full site administrator access, including ongoing technical administrative support
  • Specialised training

We also support Totara Learn partners who specialise in learning consultancy with our technical services, working jointly on client projects.

Benefits of Totara Learn

We think Totara Learn offers a number of key advantages as an open source solution: 

  • Freedom to chose who provides your Totara Learn support.
  • No licence fees
  • Security and reassurance of being able to build and audit open source code 
  • Ability to extend Totara Learn with a wide range of additional plug-in Moodle modules 
  • Core product support and development team funded by annual product subscriptions globally 
  • Being able to share the benefits of Totara Learn community contributions.

Totara Learn Product Support

Purchasing a Totara Learn Product Subscription through partners financially supports the continued development and support of the core product. A Totara Product Subscription purchased through Catalyst will provide you with: 

  • A copy of the source code
  • Access to the support forums and training resources 
  • Regular releases of new features 
  • Updates to further enhance your Totara Learn installation 
  • Support and security patches to keep things running smoothly
  • Contact channels to enable you to raise requests for help with any issues you may encounter


Subscription # of Users USD £GBP Euro $NZ $Australian
Conversion rate   1 0.82 0.90 1.56 1.48
P500 500 $3,500 £2,870 €3,150 $5,460 $5,180
E3K 3,000 $5,700 £4,674 €5,130 $8,892 $8,436
E5K 5,000 $8,500 £6,970 €7,650 $13,260 $12,580
E10K 10,000 $11,500 £9,430 €10,350 $17,940 $17,020
E20K 20,000 $17,500 £14,350 €15,750 $27,300 $25,900
E50K 50,000 $23,000 £18,860 €20,700 $35,880 $34,040
E250K 250,000 $34,500 £28,290 €31,050 $53,820 $51,060
E500K 500,000 $46,000 £37,720 €41,400 $71,760 $68,080

The number of users for the purpose of the subscription level is the number of users who have logged into the system in the previous 12 months.